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How Tenants Can Find the Perfect Rental

Finding the perfect place to rent can be incredibly competitive, with people naturally gravitating toward high-quality homes ‌in great locations. However, it’s possible to make your application stand out from the pack with a few simple tips. If it’s time to apply for your dream rental, these are just some ways to ensure you appear as a reliable and trustworthy candidate.

Understand your budget

Before you get ahead of yourself, make sure you fully understand how much you can afford to spend on rent. Although it’s nice to live in a place with all the bells and whistles, putting yourself under unnecessary financial stress is never a good idea. For singles, ‌try to spend less than 40% of your gross income on rent. Meanwhile, couples with a combined income should hopefully find a stellar place for around 25-30% of their gross salaries.

Have the right documents

Making the process as easy as possible is a great way to catch the attention of landlords and property managers. This means having all the correct documents filled out and ready to submit. Typically, this includes recent bank statements, payslips, rental history, photo identification and a list of references. Therefore, when you discover the ideal property for your needs, you can express your interest to the agent and get your application moving right away.

Craft a cover letter

Alongside documents that prove your income and identity, crafting an interesting cover letter is a clever way to stand out from other applicants. Just as you would write one when you apply for a job, a cover letter should explore why you’re a good fit for the property. For example, you might explain your professional history, education and hobbies to highlight that you’re dependable. This helps the landlord and property manager appreciate why you’re bound to be a stable tenant.

Obtain great references

Don’t overlook the importance of personal and professional references. Although a cover letter might describe what you’re like as a person, having friends and colleagues support your claims with a verifiable statement is the best thing for your application. As the landlord or property management can contact these people using the information provided, they can quickly hear a vote of confidence regarding your application.

Speak to the experts

Looking for the perfect rental property? Get in touch with the experts at InStyle Property Management. Our talented team will help you understand your options and make informed recommendations that provide you with the most stress-free experience.

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