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Thinking of buying property in Adelaide?

Sounds good! Here are the reasons why the capital of South Australia is the perfect place to own property.

Why Adelaide is the Perfect Place to Own Property

Adelaide has so much on offer. Despite being smaller and less populated than other major cities such as Melbourne and Sydney, the capital of South Australia is a colourful, diverse and beautiful place to live in, and is the perfect city to own property. With thriving local industries, a bustling CBD, a healthy economy and hub of excellent educational institutions, Adelaide has plenty of reasons to be on the top of your list in locations to purchase a house or apartment, and here are a few to get you started.

The affordability of Adelaide 

In 2019 Canstar rated Adelaide the second most affordable city to live in, trailing closely behind Perth. Not only is this great for buyers who want to purchase property and maintain a comfortable lifestyle without sacrificing on their social activities or modern-day luxuries, but also those who want to buy investment properties and become landlords. Buyers have been known to sell their properties in Melbourne and Sydney and use their equity to invest in Adelaide, where the market is steady and does not experience such ups and downs as other housing markets across Australia. In addition, tenants are drawn to cheaper rent prices and are willing to move to find reasonably priced housing, allowing landlords and renters alike to benefit off the affordability of the city.

The convenience of Adelaide

As we move into a more sustainable future, access to public transport is becoming more essential than ever. Adelaide offers trains, trams and buses to keep you in the loop and the city accessible. The rail network runs all throughout the CBD and outer suburbs, and the tram service that operates in the city centre and inner suburbs. With free tram and bus zones and consistent scheduling for all forms of public transport, getting around the CBD via tram is easy and a massive draw card for residents and tourists. Adelaide is also bicycle-friendly, with free bikes available around the CBD. It’s convenience like this that you can’t go past when buying property in Adelaide.

The employment opportunities of Adelaide

Adelaide has many major industries that are currently thriving, from food and wine, science and health to communications, technology, defence, tourism and the arts, employment opportunities have dramatically increased over recent years and is continuing to do so. Buying property in Adelaide not only puts you in an employment goldmine, but if you choose to become a landlord, it is easier to find responsible and employed tenants.

Learn more about property in Adelaide

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