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How to Freshen Up Your Rental Property in Spring

Undertaking a deep spring clean is a great way to freshen up your home for the warmer months. However, if you also want your rental properties to look and perform great for the rest of the year, you must conduct essential maintenance that keeps you and your tenants satisfied.

From keeping the trees trimmed to checking for broken tiles, doing small bits of maintenance every few months means you don’t get hit with any costly bills. Here, we highlight some critical areas to review around your rental property before the summer heat arrives.

Spruce up the landscaping

Your property’s landscaping can look incredible when you put a little effort into maintaining it. With winter’s wild weather leaving trees and hedges with damaged branches that limit growth, cut these away while removing any limbs that get too close to the roof line or windows.

This way, if a spring storm arrives, there’s less risk of a fallen tree branch damaging the house. You should also check your hardscaping – such as walls, fences, trellises and sheds – to ensure these remain in tip-top shape. Consider adding some paint or sealant to protect them over the next year.

Review the roof

Every property’s roof is critical to its performance, with cracks and sunken spots leading to issues like mould, leaks and poor temperature control. Clear your gutters and downpipes to ensure rainwater disperses properly from your rooftop. This helps safeguard it against several problematic issues.

When inspecting your roof, you must also look carefully for damaged tiles, shingles and flashing that can lead to stressful concerns if not addressed. If you notice some need to be replaced or resealed, there’s no better time than spring to carry out these vital repairs.

Maintain your HVAC system

Adelaide experiences hot and dry summers, meaning your tenants are bound to need their HVAC system in good working order to live a comfortable existence. Before temperatures soar, getting your HVAC system inspected professionally ensures you don’t have to deal with any problems later on.

By getting a trained HVAC specialist to review your equipment regularly, they’re more likely to spot concerns that could become expensive in the future. By diligently carrying out this maintenance once a year, your rental property will stay in excellent condition and keep your tenants happy.

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