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How to Attract Families for Your Rental Property

If you own a larger investment property near shops and schools, it might be in your best interest to lease it to a family rather than a group of rowdy friends. But to increase your chances of attracting the ideal applicants, you must carefully consider your rental strategy.

With these tenants looking for someone safe for their children to roam alongside relatively low upkeep and a convenient location, highlighting how your property makes sense for their needs is a wise decision. Here, we explore the best ways to secure a family for your rental property.


Consider safety

Many tenants with children will look for homes that offer significant safety features that protect their kids and make their lives easier. By considering potential hazards in the property and how they can be child-proofed, you can make leasing it a more appealing proposition.

For example, verandas, balconies and stairs are clearly dangerous spots that may need to be fenced off for small children. Meanwhile, adding locks to doors and cupboards can help keep curious kids away from potential threats.


Storage is essential

Families considering a move into your investment property will often have storage near the top of their priorities. This is because their children might have boxes full of toys, video games, books, and clothing for every occasion.

If you’re set on finding a suitable family for your property, adding more storage can increase your chances. From built-in shelves and cupboards to wardrobes, these convenient solutions can help your rental property stand out.


Highlight schools and amenities

Making your home more attractive to families isn’t only possible through handiwork. You can also level up your marketing by highlighting how your property is the ideal place to live for families seeking a convenient lifestyle for themselves and their children.

If your house is near top-notch kindergartens, primary schools, or high schools, ensuring parents know about these options will deliver improved results. Meanwhile, advertising amenities like supermarkets, parks and pools can enhance your success.


Pets are a difference-maker

Landlords in Adelaide must agree before tenants can move into a rental property with a pet. While many homeowners deny this request, as they believe it can lead to unnecessary damage, many families looking to rent will check to see if the landlord accepts pets.

Although you might consider pets in your rental property an immediate no, don’t be so hasty if you’re set on finding a family to rent your property. A more welcoming policy can help attract outstanding applicants that respect your home.


Speak to the experts

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