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How to Collect References for a Rental Application

The Australian rental market is incredibly tight right now, with a distinct lack of properties becoming available to prospective tenants. While this is undoubtedly concerning, the best way to overcome this issue when searching for a property is by submitting the perfect rental application.

Each part of this application, like your employment status and rental history, is crucial to your success. However, many hopeful tenants overlook the importance of rock-solid references who are happy to confirm you’re an upstanding person.

Below, we consider the best way to approach this process. Plus, we explain how it can help your rental applications leave a hugely positive impression on landlords and agents searching for the ideal tenant.


Know why references matter

Naturally, landlords and their representatives want to identify the best application for a rental property. Although someone’s salary information might make it clear they have the financial capacity to pay the rent, there might be other issues that aren’t so easily discovered via an application form.

So, how is this resolved? Asking the tenant to provide references from relevant people lends credence to someone’s trustworthiness. This gives landlords and property managers greater confidence that they’re making the ideal choice when establishing a hassle-free relationship with a new tenant.


Make the right approach

If you’re ready to collect references for your next rental application, you need to make sure you’re making the right approach. Although it’s easiest to ask a family member or friend, personal references don’t usually carry as much weight as those from employers or previous landlords.

As you’re asking these people for a favour, give them plenty of notice to complete their reference. However, always leave an opportunity for people to avoid being your reference, as they might not have time or could even feel awkward about vouching for claims they don’t believe.


Overcome a lack of references

If you’re a first-time renter or have had a negative experience with your previous landlord, you might think that your lack of references is bound to sink your application. While it isn’t ideal, there are strategies you can use to rise above this problem.

For example, references from your boss that describe your care and consideration can serve as a powerful statement. Meanwhile, accounts from your teachers, doctors or even former neighbours can give your application the final touch it needs to succeed.


Speak to the experts

Get in touch with the experts at InStyle Property Management to get actionable advice about the rental market. Our highly experienced team will help you make the right decision regarding your investment property and tenants.


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